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      screenfo - screenshot information tool for nerds

      screenfo [OPTION]...

    Everybody likes 'The monthly screenshot thread' where one is supposed to
    show off their latest setup.

    Nobody likes screenshots that look awesome, but where there's no
    information at all available.

    screenfo outputs a load of system information, including the running
    window manager, GTK theme, icons, fonts, shell, terminal emulator, and
    much more, while taking the screenshot.

      -c,   --color     specify colorscheme to use
      -l,   --list      list available colorschemes
      -a,   --ascii     specify ascii art to use
      -r,   --random    randomize the colors
      -s,   --shot      take screenshot
      -d,   --debug     show debug info

      -h,   --help      show help and exit
      -v,   --version   show version info and exit


    The configuration file is searched for in the following places:


    The files in the ascii/ directory is searched for in in the following


    Perl => 5.10

    Term::ExtendedColor, available from the CPAN:

      cpan Term::ExtendedColor

    and github:

    Some standard UNIX tools

    scrot for taking the actual screenshot

    Written by Magnus Woldrich

    Report bugs to trapd00r\ or use the issue tracker located at

    screenfo homepage: <>

    Copyright (C) 2010 Magnus Woldrich

    License: GPLv2

    Lets quote the Arch Linux user dtw from a post on the BBS, late 2006:

        OK, all the time in the screenshots thread we get "What gtk theme is that?",
        "What is that in the corner?", blah blah blah.
        Now, while we try to encourage people to post that with their screenie why
        don't we make a simple script that grabs info from from the gtkrc's, .xinitrc,
        etc, and outputs into a nice cowsay-like soundbite?

    Couple days later, user rab made the first Perl version simply named
    ''. There were a lot of people in the community helping out,
    making it better, bigger, more complicated and virtually unmaintainable
    since absolutely no modularization or subroutines were used.

    People realized this and started to make their own versions in Bash and

    My intent was to fork the original project, clean it up and make it
    maintainable, but that was no fun. Therefore, screenfo was born.

    I'd like to thank the Archlinux community for being awesome, kittykatt
    for providing some ASCII art that I stole without asking, and slush- for
    coming up with this awesome name.

    The original post:

    screenFetch: <>

    archey: <>