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Small useful utilities for everyday work
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hotswap import D::D
lib strip extension
share share: removed css file
vim/syntax add vim syntax file for overtime reports
.gitignore strip extension
1984 strip extension initial
List::MoreUtils strip extension
_ls _ls: account for the HURRY env var
_v cs_preview.vim: initial version that works. Must fetch more info wrt …
absname absname: avoid getcwd() in loop
ack ack: initial
add_md_indent add_md_indent: add one level indent to markdown code
afa colorscheme: use the correct module
al al: line up tag and url
al_jazeera al_jazeera: initial
albumlist albumlist: use current artist if none supplied on commandline
alias -x
all_unicode all_unicode: allow user supplied pattern
all_uptime update host
amigaremix_dump amigaremix_dump: initial
anagrams strip extension
ansi_pacman ansi_pacman: +x
ansic ansic: display the colornames as well
aur aur: query the AUR for pkg info
aur3c aur3c: add notes
aur_json aur_json: fetch api data from the aur over http without curl/wget etc
author author: update email and add github
authors strip extension
backup backup: temporary solution to loss of data problem
badmouth badmouth: swear words codebase statistics report tool
bake bake: before make
battery_prompt strip extension
batwarn batwarn: use system() instead of bypassing the shell with exec()
beep beep: beepity beep statistics for beeps being beeped at…
bigrand strip extension
binary binary: initial
bookmark-open bookmark-open: open all bookmarks in new tabs in firefox
bookmarks bookmarks: correct path
build build: .PL, not .pl . Make the install of the module automagically as…
by_extension strip extension
calc calc: -x
camera_fetch camera_fetch: mount, get pictures, clean
cconvert convert => cconvert; name conflicts in PATH
cdp do ../
cfdg cfdg: automate compiling and displaying of resulting image
chr chr: userfriendliness++
clarify clarify: initial
classname classname: generate class names when out of good ones
clean clean: delete rar archives, ion files and stupid macintosh DS_Store b…
clftail clftail: straighten up some horrible code
clipedit clipedit: initial
clone_trapd00r_gh clone_trapd00r_gh: clone all of trapd00rs gh repos in one go
colorclock colorclock: restore color value in the spot we stealed upon SIGINT
colorls strip extension
colorscheme colorscheme: update to the new syntax
colorx colorx: initial
cols +x
concerts concerts: don't load unnecessary modules
core core: access the db of core Perl modules
cpan-api cpan-api: add "App" url and fix D::D
cpan-most_used_filenames_in_root_dir cpan-most_used_filenames_in_root_dir: initial
cpan-multi cpan-multi: install modules in all perlbrew managed perl installations
cpan-what_depends_on_x cpan-what_depends_on_x: what distributions have a given module as dep?
cpan_author_search cpan_author_search: search the cpan authors databases for authors
cpan_authors_github cpan_authors_github: command-line interface utilizing Acme::CPANAutho…
cpan_authors_swedish cpan_authors_swedish: initial
cpan_dep cpan_dep: +x
cpan_get_test_db cpan_get_test_db: add two more databases
cpan_recent cpan_recent: display the most recent indexed distributions on the cpan
cpan_upload cpan_upload: upload distributions from the command-line
cpanm cpanm: initial
cpanm-github cpanm-github: install distros directly from bleed using git and cpanm
cpanupgrade cpanupgrade: upgrade all installed distributions in one go
cpmpd cpmpd: cleanup(?)
cpnewfavs strip extension
crossmake strip extension
cs_preview.vim cs_preview.vim: initial version that works. Must fetch more info wrt …
cups_fix cups_fix: find bus and device id of $PRINTER , generate the commands …
cv cv: initial
dd dd: make it requireable again
ddg strip extension
ddmpc ddmpc: initial
define define: look up definitions of words
deparse strip extension
diffurl diffurl: diff, urls
digits strip extension
dircolors2vim dircolors2vim: convert a dircolors/LS_COLORS specification to viml
div_rule strip extension
dltrack dltrack: track a downloading file's status
dmenushit strip extension
dmesg-a dont name amything executable in your path "dmesg"
docupdate update host
domain_gen domain_gen: add swedish wordlist
domain_snatch domain_snatch: now we return results where len == arg instead of len …
dump dump: dump stuff from mpd on httpd
dumppager dumppager: translate the mutt rules to perl code
dupe_movie +x
dupe_music +x
dupe_tv_by_episode dupe_tv_by_episode: initial
dusch dusch: remove [ ] from IFS
duschiamej duschiamej: slight format adjustments
ebookextract ebookextract: ebooks is such a mess
everywhere everywhere: leave stderr alone when stdout's not around, abuse her on…
exifdel exifdel: be *real* smart and clean up trash
facebook_url_count facebook_url_count: see how many times given url has been shared on f…
facebook_user_info facebook_user_info: get user info from facebook users without an actu…
fc-list fc-list: default to a pz of 10, default to hintstyle=3
fehctrl fehctrl: control feh with signals
ff ff: a tool for quickly finding crap in yo .
filebytype strip extension
fileinfo info => fileinfo cause for the first time ever I wanted to use GNU info
filetypes strip extension
fillmp3 fillmp3: automate filling portable music player with music
fimpc strip extension
findls findls: initial
findmovie findm{ovie,vid}: correct File::LsColor include
findmvid findm{ovie,vid}: correct File::LsColor include
findrec findrec: find recently modified files
findsrc findsrc: initial
findtv findtv: correct use statement
firefox_gtk firefox_gtk: always load new urls in a new tab in the background of a…
fix-EHCI_TT_NEWSCHED fix-EHCI_TT_NEWSCHED: temporary fix for the "reset high speed USB dev…
font-10-anonymous \e => \033
font-10-anonymous-it \e => \033
font-10-dejavu \e => \033
font-10-fixed \e => \033
font-10-profont \e => \033
font-11-dejavu \e => \033
font-11-neepalt \e => \033
font-11-profont \e => \033
font-12-anonymous \e => \033
font-12-dejavu \e => \033
font-12-droid \e => \033
font-13-dejavu \e => \033
font-14-dejavu \e => \033
font-14-unifont \e => \033
font-15-proggytiny \e => \033
font-16-c64 \e => \033
font-16-c64-user-mono \e => \033
font-16-daewoo \e => \033
font-16-dejavu \e => \033
font-16-dejavu64 \e => \033
font-16-droid \e => \033
font-16-monofur \e => \033
font-20-dejavu \e => \033
font-2013 \e => \033
font-24-droid \e => \033
font-32-droid \e => \033
font-32-monofur \e => \033
font-32-terminus \e => \033
font-5x7 \e => \033
font-5x8 \e => \033
font-6x10 \e => \033
font-6x13 \e => \033
font-6x9 \e => \033
font-7x13 \e => \033
font-7x14 \e => \033
font-8-fixed \e => \033
font-9-fixed \e => \033
font-clean \e => \033
font-cleanproggy \e => \033
font-fixed \e => \033
font-monte \e => \033
font-tamsyn \e => \033
font-terminus font-terminus: initial
font-ubuntu \e => \033
font-yoshi \e => \033
font_preview font_preview: preview list of fonts in the terminal
ft ft: use ack for finding out real filetypes for files, and ls_color() …
fuck fuck: replace /mnt/porn* with /mnt/erotica
fuckingscreenbugshit initial
fx_ramdisk_sync fx_ramdisk_sync: keep all of firefox in ram at all times
fxshot update host
generate_swedish_names generate_swedish_names: initial
generate_xresources strip extension
generate_zsh_completion generate_zsh_completion: generate zsh completion scripts automagicall…
geo geo: a program to get the current geo location
get_ls_colors get_ls_colors: initial
get_tests get_tests: fetch test reports from the cpants
getjob getjob: harvest job offerings from
getphotos getphotos: use .ssh/config instead
getstash getstash: initial - undress an arbitary package
git-awesome-status git-awesome-status: present untracked files first
git-cpan-release git-cpan-release: output the most recent cpan release from git tags
git-diff-syntaxhl gd: rename to git-diff-syntaxhl since I'm using a better diff tool now
git-effort git-effort: show which files in a git repo you have made most commits on
git-rec git-rec: update pod and add -h, -v, -m flags
gitcheck gitcheck: check $HOME/devel for git statuses
gitsnap gitsnap: initial
gl gl: replace git log with git last
gl1 gl1: perform git log on a single file
gll gll: a shorter git log
glob glob: initial
gnext add g{prev,next} stumpwm commands
goimg goimg: use -FZ for feh
google_dmenu strip extension
google_tlds strip extension
gprev add g{prev,next} stumpwm commands
grmpd strip extension
grub_error grub_error: interface to the database of GRUB errors
gs gs: allow to pass arguments to git status
hardcopy hardcopy: print the pages in reverse order
hits import needed functionality
html2txt html2text: lynx can wait in front of w3m
httpdhits strip extension
identi_ca_home identi_ca_home: read your home feed from the cli
iex iex: I dont want EX_COMPATIBLE
imv new host
inanonenin inanonenin: initial
inc inc: perl module stats
inc_search inc_all => inc_search
invert_screen invert_screen: invert all the screen colors
ip ip: jackit++
iptrans iptrans: various ip transformation routines
irc_stats update host
iterate strip extension pshot: fix paths; avoid dname by default
jq jq: further {,w}hackiness
json_check json_check: slightly modified check_json from cpan-api
json_deparse json_deparse: might be a good idea to load the appropriate module as …
keychain keychain: initial import
kwalitee kwalitee: use the cpantesters api to fetch and present author and dis…
laleh-check strip extension
lapd lapd: listen to the L.A PD
lastfmnp lastfmnp: change mode
lc uc(), lc(), ucfirst() as commandline utilities
len len: initial
limpdeg limpdeg: injects n moldy playlists in mpd
lmame -x
load load: cleanup
localtime localtime: initial
lookup lookup: rescued from T::EC
ls2 strip extension
ls3 ls3: less sucky RE
lscolorpicker lscolorpicker: remove crap strip extension
lsp lsp: alignment
lyrics lyrics: initial ugly hack add maemo5 / n900 scratchbox crosscompile automated env setup
mailme strip extension
make_flac make_flac: make converting stuff from youtube to flac easier
makedist new host
map map: map{ } for the shell
markdown_preview markdown_preview: utf8 stuff, get rid of strict
md5rename md5rename: noclobber!
melodikrysset melodikrysset: avoid stream suddenly breaking
mem mem: adjustments
merlyn-columns strip extension
mkdr mkdr: be more clear about what's happening
mount-camera mount-camera: dirty evil hack to mount camera automagicall
mount-n900 mount-n900: initial
mount-remote mount-remote: drop all caching.
mount-shiva strip extension
mountlast strip extension
mpd_add_musicdir mpd_add_musicdir: helper utility for transfering songs using the mpd db
mpd_cp mpd_cp: adjust port
mpd_del mpd_del: remove songs matching PATTERN from current playlist
mpd_del_album mpd_del_album: she bangs
mpd_edit mpd_edit: correct path to vim
mpd_ftp *mpd*: consistency
mpd_keep mpd_keep: remove songs NOT matching PATTERN from playlist
mpd_mv mpd_mv: rewrite - copy current track or current album to DEST
mpd_playlist_fix mpd_playlist_fix: remove entries in MPD playlists that's
mpd_relevancy strip extension
mpd_sock update host
mpd_stats *mpd*: consistency
mpd_stumpwm_status mpd_stumpwm_status: let stumpish echo directly
mpd_trans update host
mpd_twmn mpd_twmn: set font
mpd_update_status mpd_update_status: tell me when a MPD database update is finished
mpdcp.rc strip extension
mplayer_exec mplayer_exec: yield instructions when called with no flags
mplayer_podcast mplayer_podcast: listen to more podcasts in less time
mplayerd mplayerd: we can now inject new tracks/URLs to change the playlist, -…
mpm mpm: ugly solution for non-packed shows
mpnp mpnp: rewrite, using the new Mplayer::NowPlaying module
msg_me msg_me: fix osd_cat arguments
music music: the best interfaces for controlling mpd all rolled into one
music_dupe music_dupe: initial
music_query music_query: add --artist option
mutt_pager mutt_pager: a better mutt pager
mvdir mvdir: move $what to $where only if $what is a directory
mvmusic mvmusic: initial
n900_flash n900_flash: update nokia urls
n900_mount n900_mount: update n900 ip addr
n950_bruteforce_flash n950_bruteforce_flash: for zibri
n950_screencast n950_screencast: using gst to record a screencast on the n950 and wri…
name_generator name_generator: make use of a dozen new wordlists, change max len to …
newpost newpost: correct path
newrel newrel: initial
ngrep ngrep: negative grep
nicefind strip extension
nod nod: get music suggestions suitable for nodding from our friends over…
non non: keep command-line output on a single line
nowrap nowrap: initial
np np: +year
ocr ocr: read textual data from image files and spit it out on stdout
offensive offensive: analyze text for "offensive" words like shit and fuck
ord ord: verbose++
oreilly_books oreilly_books: apply non-existant patch from zibri regarding -f vs -e
pac+x pac+x: so where did she put my executables?
pack pack: initial
packer packer: get rid of the annoying boldness
pacstat strip extension
parselscolors strip extension
passwd_gen passwd_gen: initial
paste update host
path_update path_update: script to bypass need of root to install things on zibri…
pc pc: interface to the perlcritic web service
pcp pcp: remove -type f restriction
pdf strip extension
peak peak: initial
pentadactyl-plugins-update pentadactyl-plugins-update: check for success return code instead of …
perl-multi perl-multi: replaced perl code with A Very Small Shell Script
pilsner updates
pimpla strip extension
pkgfont \e => \033
playlist_cleanup playlist_cleanup: forgot to untie
pmdesc strip extension
pmv pmv: use -ignore-readdir_race
podcheck podcheck: initial
prename prename: remove reference to longest()
prep_mplayer prep_mplayer: bash script utilizing mplayer and plays random songs wi…
prove-multi prove-multi: run tests under all available perl installations
pshot pshot: fix paths; avoid dname by default
punpack punpack: use 02740 instead of 01700 for seen episodes
pushall strip extension
pwc pwc; update the first perl script I wrote || be nice and check -t fd
radio radio: shut up mplayer
randwall strip extension ratpoison interactive window list
ratrepl ratrepl: a ratpoison REPL
reddit reddit: view your reddit stat(u)?s from the shell
rel rel: update path
release release: determine if local distributions have been released to the c…
release_dupe release_dupe: initial
remount remount: initial
rename-tv rename-tv: rename and clean up TV episodes
rename_youtube rename_youtube: add webm support
rensafilm strip extension
rensamusik strip extension
rescue_chmod strip extension
retrieve retrieve: initial
revdnsinternet revdnsinternet: revdns internet
rfc rfc: initial
rgb_by_index strip extension
rgbtohex strip extension
rgbxterm rgbxterm: fix ugly html
rmc rmc: fine, immitate gnu rm -v format
rmfile rmfile: better logic, strict, warnings and File::LsColor
rmtpy rmtpy: initial
rp-4split rp-4split: initial
rp-groups-menu rp-groups-menu: interactive workspace switcher menu
rp-mplayer-fav rp-mplayer-fav: first time ever I've had sound notifications working,…
rp-mplayer-np rp-mplayer-np: adjust gravity prior to and after yielding the current…
rp-runorraise rp-runorraise: run-or-raise for ratpoison
rp-showall rp-showall: initial
rp-window-menu rp-window-menu: windows menu for ratpoison
rpws rpws: ratpoison workspaces
rsync_archlinux rsync_archlinux: report $!, not $@
rt rt: rtorrent wrapper handling the scgi stuff
rt_magnet_handler rt_magnet_handler: make rtorrent load magnet:// links automagically
rt_notify rt_notify: send an email when a torrent is finished
rtorrent_search rtorrent_search: search/filter torrents in the rtorrent ui by string …
rupl rupl: remove unnecessary condition
sanitize sanitize: allow user supplied filenames
sanitize_input sanitize_input: initial
sascii strip extension
scandeps scandeps: initial
scat scat: added newline at end due to request
scpan strip extension
screen_status screen_status: +shebang
search-cpan-wikifier search-cpan-wikifier: initial
seen seen: default to "see" cwd if no args are provided
sendsrc new host
separate separate: initial
setallfonts setallfonts: set all fonts in one go
setbg setbg: remove a bunch of obviously stupid choices for a term background
shivastream shivastream: load a channel that actually exists for anyone else but …
shot shot: correct port
shoutcast_parser shoutcast_parser: fast hack to get at the real streams
showcolors showcolors: inital
sidtop sidtop: make it work again
sightly sightly: initial
simart strip extension
sl sl: initial import
sort_aliases sort_aliases: correct path
sort_music_by_genre sort_music_by_genre: initial
sort_video sort_video: first draft, using ffprobe => json
space_invaders space_invaders: initial
srinfo srinfo: update with changes I made when drunk 6 months ago. horrible
srnp srnp: Now playing script for Sveriges Radio broadcasts
stash stash: initial
strip_esc strip extension
strip_html strip_html: initial
stumpdump strip extension
stumpish stumpish: initial
sub sub: do what perl -pi -e does, but faster
subscript subscript: translate digit U+0030-U+0039 to U+2080-U+2089
svtplay strip extension
swedbank-cli swedbank-cli: adjust interpreter for debian
sync_music sync_music: automate refilling the portable player with music
term_attr term_attr: yield one line per attribute || add support for bolditalic…
term_colors term_colors: initial
testy testy: test statistics and reporting tool
title new host
to_phone to_phone: scp stuff to phone and place it where I want it automagically
toflac toflac: we are handling .avi, too
tohtml tohtml: allow for processing multiple files
tomp3 tomp3: initial
top25 top25: alignment
topsi ratpoison interactive window list
tpb tpb: automate retrieving of torrents from tpb
traffic traffic: use all *access.logs
traffic_cpan update host
translate translate: use utf8
tv tv: initial teeworlds server helper script
tweet_compress tweet_compress: initial
twitter_grep twitter_grep: initial
typo typo: remove smart match operator since eragon uses 5.8
u-arrows u-arrows: print values in hex as well
u-blocks u-blocks: print values in hex as well
u-boxdrawing u-boxdrawing: initial
u-brackets u-brackets: initial
u-fullwidth u-fullwidth: print values in hex as well
u-music u-music: a few more blocks
u-punctation u-punctation: print values in hex as well
u-whitespace clean up the unicode code block scripts
uc uc(), lc(), ucfirst() as commandline utilities
ucfirst uc(), lc(), ucfirst() as commandline utilities
umount-remote umount-remote: umount all network filesystems
uncode strip extension
uncolor-ruby uncolor-ruby: ruby implementation of uncolor()
ungzip strip extension
uni uni: initial
unichar unichar: reverse logic for determining if a char is unprintable
uninames uninames: use /bin/cat as PAGER
uniprops uniprops: correct shebang
uniquote uniquote: escape special characters w unicode
unpack unpack: update
unpack_all unpack_all: unpack stuff recursively and clean up afterwards
unrarec unrarec: tell unrar to keep broken files
updatesite update host
upsidedown upsidedown: initial
upstream upstream: git/svn pull/update everything from upstream in one go
uri uri: extract all urls from files recursively
url_find url_find: filter input and retrieve urls
vidstream vidstream: stream video over the network using netcat
vim-bindings vim-bindings: correct path
vim-time-fix-db vim-time-fix-db: script to clean up the time-spent-in-vim database
vim_old rewrote Vim
vimcolors correct config paths to ~/etc
viml viml: open the most recently edited file in vim
vimsyntax strip extension
vol_down vol_{up,down}: control oss volume
vol_up vol_{up,down}: control oss volume
vr vr: read webpages in vim
vrms vrms: vrms for arch
vt52 vt52: shortcut for entering VT52 mode
vte vte: ad undocumented options notice
vw vw: format shit properly
wake mymake -> wake
wallpaper_daemon wallpaper_daemon: limit wallpaper selection to HD only || sleep less
wallpaperfm wallpaperfm: initial import
warn warn: warn for the shell
we we, wf: replace subshell with = expansion
wf we, wf: replace subshell with = expansion
whatfont \e => \033
whatthedev whatthedev: initial
wikipedia_over_dns wikipedia_over_dns: initial
woof woof: initial
workdays workdays: how many days do I have to work this month?
wp wp: show logged in users
wrap wrap: wrap input at 80c width
wtc strip extension
wup wup: wifi up
x11-remote x11-remote: self-replicating quine
xbmc-tv strip extension
xmk strip extension
xmodshit xmodshit: remap ', *, / as well
xresources_dump xresources_dump: initial. Use for dumping the current X resources to …
xstat xstat: removed faulty argc checks add xterm vt tests add xterm vt tests add xterm vt tests add xterm vt tests add xterm vt tests add xterm vt tests add xterm vt tests
xterm-blinkenlights xterm-blinkenlights: initial
xterm-cycle_colormap xterm-cycle-colormap: move color definition to index -1 add xterm vt tests add xterm vt tests add xterm vt tests add xterm vt tests initial add xterm vt tests add xterm vt tests add xterm vt tests add xterm vt tests add xterm vt tests add xterm vt tests
xtermcolchange xtermcolchange: cleanup
youtube youtube: hack to play youtube videos on local box via htpc
youtube-extract youtube-extract: initial
youtube-getfavs youtube-getfavs: initial
youtube-getplaylist youtube-getplaylist: download all videos in given youtube playlist
youtube-getuservideos youbute-getuservideos: initial
youtube_parallelfetch youtube_parallelfetch: replace exec() with system() || remove cruft
youtube_sanitize youtube_sanitize: +x
zsh_completions zsh_completions: list active zsh completion functions and the apps th…
zsh_path zsh_path: cleanup
zurl zurl: adjust default handlers
♫: utility for restoring sound jack settings and volume
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