Blitter Synth Max for Live instrument.
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Blitter Synth Max for Live instrument.

Note: If you want to try it out, all you need is the BlitterSynthLivePack.alp file. Double click to install into Ableton Live.



  • Added user drawn waves back in.
  • Changed bgcolor to be relative to Ableton skin.
  • Upped bit depth to 12 and sample size to 256.


  • Fixed feedback loop on matrix.
  • Fixed minor dc offset issue.
  • Renamed "Scale" to "Multiply".
  • Better control of parameters: Glide & Multiply.
  • All parameter values are now scaled 0 to 127 as oppose to 0 to 1.
  • Shape knob is removed in replace of a button selector (for better control for hardware units like Push)
  • Envelopes rewritten from scratch- Allows the ability to double as LFOs by the use of bipolar mode and timing changes.
  • Added "envelope time" destination to mod matrix.
  • New cleaner and smaller interface.
  • All parameters now have annotation for Ableton's help "Info View" panel.


  • Fixed DC offset issue wiht bit depth.
  • Rewrote playback oscillator into Gen~ , double buffered for interpolated waveform shape transitions.
  • Changed order of parameters in Push for easier control.
  • Scaled knobs for "h.sync" and "scale" for easier fine control.
  • Fixed waveform had dc offset at low bit depths.
  • Fixed feedback loop when mapping envelope to itself.
  • Fixed Framesync was triggering waveform generator before mod envelopes engaged.


  • Rewrote wave buffer engine into Gen~ - Saved on CPU, and also fixed audio artifacts, overall much better.
  • Fixed Envelope auto-assigned parameters
  • Fixed automation order for remote devices like Push
  • Fixed patches which were broken since Envelope's incremental assignments were off.

And more history from commit log -