RIS to AutoHotkey using form and javascript
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Poor Ares reserve processor's RIS to AutoHotkey converter in javascript with help from mustache.js.

The AutoHotkey template is customized for my workplace.

Aris produces two types of AutoHotkey for RIS with type BOOK or JOUR. BOOK is for Ares's mongraph template and JOUR for the serial.


  1. Go to the home page for Aris (https://github.com/trauber/aris).
  2. Click the Downloads icon over on the right side of the page.
  3. Download the .zip archive.
  4. Right mouse click on the .zip archive.
  5. Extract all files. The folder can go anywhere convenient for you, but I suggest the desktop.


  1. Click the aris.html icon so it opens in your web browser. (Your browser should have javascript enabled.)
  2. "Export" (download) an RIS file from a database. (Configure your browser to open .ris files in notepad.)
  3. Use Ctrl-a and Ctrl-x to copy the RIS to the clipboard and remove it from notepad.
  4. Paste the record into aris's textarea with Ctrl-v.
  5. Click aris's convert RIS to AutoHotkey button.
  6. Use Ctrl-a and Ctrl-x to copy the AutoHotkey script to the clipboard and clear aris.
  7. In notepad use Ctrl-v to place the AutoHotkey script in notepad.
  8. In notepad save the file with a .ahk extension. (Again, your desktop is the best place.)
  9. Open the add item button in Ares, select your template.
  10. Double click the .ahk icon to export the bib info into Ares.