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OWASP Top 10 Most Critical Web Application Security Risks is a powerful awareness document for web application security. It represents a broad consensus about the most critical security risks to web applications. Project members include a variety of security experts from around the world who have shared their expertise to produce this list[1]. You can read the document that they published here: [2].

This is a Terraform module which creates AWF WAF resources for protection of your resources from the OWASP Top 10 Security Risks. This module is based on the whitepaper that AWS provides. The whitepaper tells how to use AWS WAF to mitigate those attacks[3][4].

This module will only create match-sets[5], rules[6], and a rule group (optional)[7]. Those resources cannot be used without WebACL[8], which is not covered by this module.

To see the example on how to provision the resources only, check Examples section.

But to see the example on how to use this module together with WebACL to fully protect your application, see this page: [9]




  1. Can I use only some of the rules? Yes you can. This module will outputs the rules' ID. Attach to WebACL you created only the IDs of the rules that you want.
  2. Can I provision only some of the rules? No you can't. If you really want to do it, the only solution is to copy-paste match-sets and rules code manually. You must aware that by doing that you will lose support from maintainer of this module.
  3. Can I modify some match-sets of a rule? No you can't. The same answer to answer question number 2. But if you found something need to be fixed, e.g. match-sets causing lots of false positive, please don't hesitate to create an issue or a pull request to this repository!


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This Terraform module has no dependencies to other modules

Terraform Versions

Created and tested using Terraform version 0.11.14


Name Version
terraform >= 0.13


Name Version
aws n/a
random n/a


No modules.


Name Type
aws_waf_byte_match_set.owasp_02_auth_token_string_set resource
aws_waf_byte_match_set.owasp_04_paths_string_set resource
aws_waf_byte_match_set.owasp_06_php_insecure_qs_string_set resource
aws_waf_byte_match_set.owasp_06_php_insecure_uri_string_set resource
aws_waf_byte_match_set.owasp_08_csrf_method_string_set resource
aws_waf_byte_match_set.owasp_09_server_side_include_string_set resource
aws_waf_rule.owasp_01_sql_injection_rule resource
aws_waf_rule.owasp_02_auth_token_rule resource
aws_waf_rule.owasp_03_xss_rule resource
aws_waf_rule.owasp_04_paths_rule resource
aws_waf_rule.owasp_06_php_insecure_rule resource
aws_waf_rule.owasp_07_size_restriction_rule resource
aws_waf_rule.owasp_08_csrf_rule resource
aws_waf_rule.owasp_09_server_side_include_rule resource
aws_waf_rule_group.owasp_top_10 resource
aws_waf_size_constraint_set.owasp_07_size_restriction_set resource
aws_waf_size_constraint_set.owasp_08_csrf_token_size_constrain_set resource
aws_waf_sql_injection_match_set.owasp_01_sql_injection_set resource
aws_waf_xss_match_set.owasp_03_xss_set resource
aws_wafregional_byte_match_set.owasp_02_auth_token_string_set resource
aws_wafregional_byte_match_set.owasp_04_paths_string_set resource
aws_wafregional_byte_match_set.owasp_06_php_insecure_qs_string_set resource
aws_wafregional_byte_match_set.owasp_06_php_insecure_uri_string_set resource
aws_wafregional_byte_match_set.owasp_08_csrf_method_string_set resource
aws_wafregional_byte_match_set.owasp_09_server_side_include_string_set resource
aws_wafregional_rule.owasp_01_sql_injection_rule resource
aws_wafregional_rule.owasp_02_auth_token_rule resource
aws_wafregional_rule.owasp_03_xss_rule resource
aws_wafregional_rule.owasp_04_paths_rule resource
aws_wafregional_rule.owasp_06_php_insecure_rule resource
aws_wafregional_rule.owasp_07_size_restriction_rule resource
aws_wafregional_rule.owasp_08_csrf_rule resource
aws_wafregional_rule.owasp_09_server_side_include_rule resource
aws_wafregional_rule_group.owasp_top_10 resource
aws_wafregional_size_constraint_set.owasp_07_size_restriction_set resource
aws_wafregional_size_constraint_set.owasp_08_csrf_token_size_constrain_set resource
aws_wafregional_sql_injection_match_set.owasp_01_sql_injection_set resource
aws_wafregional_xss_match_set.owasp_03_xss_set resource
random_id.this resource


Name Description Type Default Required
create_rule_group All rules can be grouped into a Rule Group. Unfortunately, AWS WAF Rule Group limit per region is only 3. By setting the value to false will not create the rule group. Default to true. string "true" no
csrf_expected_header The custom HTTP request header, where the CSRF token value is expected to be encountered string "x-csrf-token" no
csrf_expected_size The size in bytes of the CSRF token value. For example if it's a canonically formatted UUIDv4 value the expected size would be 36 bytes/ASCII characters. string "36" no
description The description of these resources. string n/a yes
environment The environment of these resources belong to. string n/a yes
max_expected_body_size Maximum number of bytes allowed in the body of the request. If you do not plan to allow large uploads, set it to the largest payload value that makes sense for your web application. Accepting unnecessarily large values can cause performance issues, if large payloads are used as an attack vector against your web application. string "4096" no
max_expected_cookie_size Maximum number of bytes allowed in the cookie header. The maximum size should be less than 4096, the size is determined by the amount of information your web application stores in cookies. If you only pass a session token via cookies, set the size to no larger than the serialized size of the session token and cookie metadata. string "4093" no
max_expected_query_string_size Maximum number of bytes allowed in the query string component of the HTTP request. Normally the of query string parameters following the ? in a URL is much larger than the URI , but still bounded by the of the parameters your web application uses and their values. string "1024" no
max_expected_uri_size Maximum number of bytes allowed in the URI component of the HTTP request. Generally the maximum possible value is determined by the server operating system (maps to file system paths), the web server software, or other middleware components. Choose a value that accomodates the largest URI segment you use in practice in your web application. string "512" no
product_domain The name of the product domain these resources belong to. string n/a yes
service_name The name of the service these resources belong to. string n/a yes
target_scope Valid values are global and regional. If global, means resources created will be for global targets such as Amazon CloudFront distribution. For regional targets like ALBs and API Gateway stages, set to regional string n/a yes


Name Description
rule01_sql_injection_rule_id AWS WAF Rule which mitigates SQL Injection Attacks.
rule02_auth_token_rule_id AWS WAF Rule which blacklists bad/hijacked JWT tokens or session IDs.
rule03_xss_rule_id AWS WAF Rule which mitigates Cross Site Scripting Attacks.
rule04_paths_rule_id AWS WAF Rule which mitigates Path Traversal, LFI, RFI.
rule06_php_insecure_rule_id AWS WAF Rule which mitigates PHP Specific Security Misconfigurations.
rule07_size_restriction_rule_id AWS WAF Rule which mitigates abnormal requests via size restrictions.
rule08_csrf_rule_id AWS WAF Rule which enforces the presence of CSRF token in request header.
rule09_server_side_include_rule_id AWS WAF Rule which blocks request patterns for webroot objects that shouldn't be directly accessible.
rule_group_id AWS WAF Rule Group which contains all rules for OWASP Top 10 protection.


This module accepting or open for any contributions from anyone, please see the for more detail about how to contribute to this module.


This module is under Apache License 2.0 - see the LICENSE file for details.