Performance oriented statistical metrics and utility functions in R
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Performance oriented statistical metrics and utility functions in R



(On Windows, install Rtools first.)

A summary of functions

Classification/model metrics and functions

  • f1score - f1 classification metric
  • fastAUC - Area under the receiver-operator curve
  • fastPR - Precision recall curve
  • fastROC - Receiver-operator curve
  • mccscore - Matthew's correlation coefficient
  • posteriorBalance - Adjust classification posterior probability due to unbalanced dataset
  • cindex - Concordance index for survival data
  • nelson_aelen_surv - Nelson Aelen estimator of cumulative hazard

Statistical tests and functions

  • ww_test - k-category Wald-Wolfowitz Runs Tests
  • se - Calculate standard error
  • matrixFactor - Returns a design matrix from a factor

Misc. mathematical functions

  • cosineDist - Calculates the cosine distance between rows in a matrix
  • logit - Logit transformation function
  • sigmoid - Calculates the sigmoid function
  • topn - returns the top "n" values in a vector

Multithreaded functions (*nix only)

  • mcreadRDS - Multithreaded readRDS
  • mcsaveRDS - Multithreaded saveRDS
  • mcsplitapply - Apply loop over matrix subsets

Utility functions

  • tablec - Very fast tabulation of vectors writen in C++
  • allDups - Like the duplicated function, but returns the first instance as well
  • append<- - Append to a vector in-place
  • prepend<- - Prepend to a vetor in-place
  • chop - chop leading and trailing white space in a string
  • head2 - Like head, but limits the number of columns returned
  • tail2 - Like tail, but limits the number of columns returned
  • mgrepl - Multiple grepl for a list of regular expressions
  • %Q% - Infix operator for string concatenation
  • TCGA_barcode - Extracts information from TCGA barcodes

Package/environment management

  • reload - Reload a package and set the position in the search order
  • bioc - Easy installation bioconductor packages
  • install - Easy installation of CRAN packages
  • timePrompt - Adds a time prompt to the R command prompt
  • statsCallback - Automated summary of R objects using callbacks
  • varSizes - Returns a data.frame of all R objects and their sizes in memory