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About this repository

This is the documentation site for Travis CI! (

How to contribute

Fork the repository, read the rest of this README file and make some changes. Once you're done with your changes send a pull request. Thanks!

How to edit the site

Make sure you have Ruby and RubyGems installed. Next install bundler:

gem install bundler

Then install dependencies:

bundle install --binstubs

In order to run a local Web server that will serve documentation site, run:

./bin/jekyll serve

and then open localhost:4000 in your browser.

To regenerate the HTML pages automatically when you make changes to Markdown source files, use

./bin/jekyll serve --watch

Note that quoted entities may be escaped or unescaped depending on the Ruby version (1.8 vs. 1.9) used. It is normal.


Distributed under the MIT license; the same as other Travis CI projects.