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4 1-intro/
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+!SLIDE center bullets
+# Travis CI
+Distributed, continous integration for the Ruby community
15 2-about/
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+# About us
+!SLIDE bullets
+# Josh Kalderimis
+* @joshkalderimis
+* \#28 Rails contributor
+!SLIDE bullets
+# Sven Fuchs
+* @svenfuchs
+* Ruby I18n project lead
10 abstract.txt
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+Travis CI - Distributed, Continous Integration for the Ruby community
+"The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed." (William Gibson)
+The Ruby community is where a lot of this future already happens. We not only set the bar higher and higher every day, we've also built most of the infrastructure use day to day. Twitter, Github, Gemcutter, Pusher to just name a few projects that changed the world, the way we live and work.
+With Travis CI, an open source continous integration service for the Ruby community, we are going to push the limits even further. We are going to build the test and integration infrastructure you are dreaming of: The vision behind Travis CI is to become for builds what Rubygems is for distributing libraries.
+In this talk Josh and Sven, two of the core members of the developers team, will talk about Travis CI and introduce you to the vision behind it and the way it is implemented.
9 showoff.json
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+ "name": "Travis CI",
+ "description": "Distributed, Continous Integration for the Ruby community",
+ "sections": [
+ { "section": "1-intro" },
+ { "section": "2-about" }
+ ]

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