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Serves two purposes:

  • serve assets on in production
  • act as a Rails engine in development mode so that assets are directly served from the travis-ci Rails app

Modifying assets in development

When you're working on travis-ci locally and want to see your asset modifications immediately on your locally running version, in your local travis-ci's Gemfile change the reference of travis-assets from git to your local checkout, like so:

#gem 'travis-assets',  git: '', require: 'travis/assets/railtie'
gem 'travis-assets', path: '../travis-assets', require: 'travis/assets/railtie'

Re-bundle travis-ci and in travis-assets, run bundle exec guard. This will recompile your assets whenever you modify something, and your running instance of travis-ci should pick them up automatically.

Running the tests

Integration tests are implemented using Jasmine and can be run in the browser.

To run the whole test suite, simply do:

$ bundle install # Only needed on the first run
$ bundle exec rake jasmine:ci
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