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Encapsulates a build, used by travis-worker

Travis Build Build Status

Travis Build is a library that Travis Workers use to generate a shell based build script which is then uploaded to the VMs using SSH and executed, with the resulting output streamed back to Travis.

This code base has gone through several iterations of development, and was originally extracted from Travis Worker, before taking it's current form.

The examples/ directory will contain several examples on what build scripts look like for different projects. Note that they are not intended to be runnable, they're just meant to serve as an example of the order the commands are run and what commands are run. The examples are generated when the test suite is run.

Running test suites

bundle exec rspec spec

Use as addon for CLI

You can set travis-build up as a plugin for the command line client:

ln -s PATH_TO_TRAVIS_BUILD ~/.travis/travis-build

Now you can run one or many stages locally (defaults to script stage):

$ travis run
... executes test ...
$ travis run install
... installs dependencies ...
$ travis run install script
... installs dependencies ...
... executes test ...

License & copyright information

See LICENSE file.

Copyright (c) 2011-2013 Travis CI development team.

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