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Example config for node versions with quotes
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commit 26ed10679240ed5e34f60bfc45e8b91a8a354528 2 parents 586e1b6 + 528b21f
@roidrage roidrage authored
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5 docs/user/languages/
@@ -14,8 +14,9 @@ Historically Node.js projects were built on Ruby workers but in November 2011 No
language: node_js
- - 0.8
- - 0.6
+ - "0.10"
+ - "0.8"
+ - "0.6"
This will make Travis run your tests against the latest (as provided by Travis maintainers, not necessary the absolutely the latest) 0.6.x branch release. 0.8 is an alias for "the most recent 0.8.x release" and so on. Please note that using exact versions (for example, 0.6.19) is highly discouraged because as versions change, your .travis.yml will get outdated and things will break.
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