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After adding your project to Travis, you can use the status buttons to show the current status of your projects in your `README` file on GitHub or your project website.
-HTTPS is used so that GitHub does not cache the image.
+Only a HTTPS endpoint is provided, which is good as GitHub does not cache images served from HTTPS.
## Adding Status Images to README Files
So, when using Textile, showing your status button (including a link to your Travis project page) is as simple as adding this to your `README`:
Or if you're using markdown:
Or RDoc:
-Travis CI's own status button looks like this: [![Build Status](](
+Travis CI's own status button looks like this: [![Build Status](](
## Build Status For Specific Branches
You can limit the impact of this button to certain branches only. For example, you might not want to include feature branches, which might fail but don't mean the project itself fails.
Specify a `?branch=` parameter in the URI. Split branches with a comma if you want to specify several.

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