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Move branch whitelisting/blacklisting to the website #1095

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Henrik Hodne Josh Kalderimis Nevik Rehnel Tim McEwan Jorge Niedbalski arstrube Felipe Contreras Balkerm
Henrik Hodne

Another interesting suggestion that came up when discussing #1094 was to move the branch blacklist/whitelist to the website. Having this information stored in our database means we get rid of the slightly odd behaviour where a branch only follows the .travis.yml file on that branch (see #414/#609).

On the database side this could probably be as easy as a whitelist and blacklist field on the repository table containing lists of branches. Again we need to make a page to put these setting on, see #1094.

Closes #902.

Josh Kalderimis
joshk commented
Nevik Rehnel
nevik commented

This issue supersedes #902 and a fix for it would also fix that issue.

Tim McEwan

:+1: (Travis has been quite a mental paradigm shift for me. I would've expected email notifications to be controlled on a per-user basis through the website, for instance.)

Jorge Niedbalski

+1 for this one!

Roland Becker atrol referenced this issue from a commit in mantisbt/mantisbt
Damien Regad dregad Added .travis.yml file
Copied from master-1.2.x branch to prevent build failures, as 2.0 is
currently not setup for builds.

I second this. :+1::+1::+1: Out of 3 Travis CI builds that are run for my fork, on average 2 are unwanted. Because I am a contributor, I cannot change travis.yml or commit messages some branches, typically master. These builds are guaranteed to fail, so they are of no use to me.

I use customized scripts for my dev branch. That is the only build I want and pay attention to.

Think of how much server time Travis CI could save, if no unwanted builds were ever run

Nevik Rehnel

:+1: to @arstrube for whipping out the econ arguments! :D

Felipe Contreras

This is definitely needed. Right now I have to create a new repository with a single branch just because of this.

And now I have a mess of temporary and non-existent branches reported as failed even though they don't have a .travis.xml file, or aren't even there any more.


+1 for this one!

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