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Go builds erroring #1727

CasualSuperman opened this Issue · 10 comments

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Part of the automated scripts for preparing Go programs is erroring.

$ gvm use go1.1
Now using version go1.1
$ export GOPATH=$HOME/gopath:$GOPATH
$ mkdir -p $HOME/gopath/src/
$ cp -r $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR $HOME/gopath/src/
cp: cannot stat `$HOME/build/CasualSuperman/Diorite': No such file or directory

Which is odd because the same commands were run and worked perfectly in previous builds. Perhaps $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR has been improperly set? It looks like $HOME wasn't expanded.


It does indeed look like that. I found the offending commit: travis-ci/travis-build@ff00dad


Also appears to be the cause of these build failures (in C, so build failures are not limited to Go), in which


is supposed to enable later test scripts to run a bgzip executable in the tabix subdirectory, but

/bin/bash: bgzip: command not found

I can confirm this as well. I've tried multiple Go projects which previously worked and they are all failing with this same error.


Thanks guys, we have found the error, and we're working on a fix.

@xawotihs xawotihs referenced this issue from a commit in WagicProject/wagic
@pankdm pankdm Trying to fix 0cb1c24
@philips philips referenced this issue from a commit in coreos/etcd
@philips philips hack(travis): temporarily fix travis
try a quick workaround for travis-ci/travis-ci#1727

Fix for this is currently rolling out.

@roidrage roidrage closed this
@pankdm pankdm referenced this issue in WagicProject/wagic

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This is still failing for me -- Does it need a completely new build instead of just hitting the restart build button?


@davecgh I'm sorry, I'm not sure the error you're seeing is related to this issue.

I'm no go export, but it looks like there are compilation issues with a dependent library?


@roidrage: Thanks for your response. I should've posted the error in particular rather than just the link. It is:

$ gvm use release
Now using version release
$ export GOPATH=$HOME/gopath:$GOPATH
$ mkdir -p $HOME/gopath/src/
$ cp -r $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR $HOME/gopath/src/
cp: cannot stat `$HOME/build/conformal/btcchain': No such file or directory
The command "cp -r $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR $HOME/gopath/src/" failed and exited with 1 during setup.

I'm seeing the same error with more than one project. I've not had any issues previously.


@davecgh it may be that you're seeing an old version of the build logs:


@roidrage: Thanks. The jobs web page is indeed showing an old version of the build logs. Accessing them with the raw link shows the correct ones. It does appear to be another issue.

@jmarshall jmarshall referenced this issue from a commit in samtools/bcftools
@jmarshall jmarshall Return to using $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR (for flexibility)
December's floundering was a response to travis-ci/travis-ci#1727,
which was subsequently fixed.
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