Update Mac VMs to OS X 10.9 “Mavericks” #1851

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henrikhodne commented Jan 12, 2014

We are currently running 10.8.5. I have an image prepped with 10.9, but it needs some updates to bring it up to speed with the current 10.8.5 image.

I plan on working on this update this coming week, then we can test it and hopefully have it out very soon.

Opening this to track the issue and log some progress along the way.


joshk commented Jan 13, 2014

sounds awesome!

will this tie in with the investigative work you have done on the iphone simulator issues?


henrikhodne commented Jan 13, 2014

I've been pushing this update out for a while to hope I can fix that first, but I have yet to find a solution for that issue. I have an idea, but I won't be able to verify it unless I create a new image, so unless I hear something in the beginning of next (this) week, I'll just try that fix and see how that works.


joshk commented Jan 13, 2014

sounds great to me!

does it work the otherway around? can I make 10.5 10.6 and 10.7 builds on travis?


henrikhodne commented Jan 19, 2014

I believe some of those SDKs are installed in Xcode, but other than that we currently don't have any support for other OS X versions.

Any chance of getting access to a close-to-vanilla version of the 10.9 image? Pivotal Sprout doesn't need anything other than Xcode installed.

Thanks for all your work with these OS X images!

@henrikhodne henrikhodne self-assigned this Feb 24, 2014


henrikhodne commented Mar 4, 2014

Hey everyone!

I'm sorry this has taken so long, but I finally have an OS X 10.9 Mavericks image ready for beta testing.

If you have the opportunity to test it, please send me an email at henrik@travis-ci.com with the name of the repository so I can enable it for your repository, and I'll let you know how how to get it working.

The 10.9 image can be enabled per branch, so you don't have to switch your entire repository over to test.


@henrikhodne henrikhodne added this to the Next OS X environment update milestone Mar 27, 2014

@henrikhodne any chance I can get in on the 10.9 image for MagicalRecord? I emailed, but didn't get a response. I'm hoping it will resolve the problems I'm having with https://travis-ci.org/magicalpanda/MagicalRecord/builds/22570947


henrikhodne commented Apr 9, 2014

@tonyarnold I'm sorry, you should have gotten an email now.

Good news everyone, it looks like the OS X 10.9 image is working. I'm working on a blog post now, we should have this ready very soon.

lisinge commented Apr 9, 2014

@henrikhodne I emailed you too but didn't receive any response


henrikhodne commented Apr 15, 2014

This is coming in this week's update.


henrikhodne commented Apr 18, 2014

This is now deployed. Happy Friday!

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