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[ci skip] can hide builds that should be run #553

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I pushed a bunch of commits at once, the last of which had "[ci skip]" in the commit message. This caused travis to ignore the whole lot, even though there were commits that didn't have [ci skip] that I would have wanted to run. Now that I know this I'll be careful to push the non-skippable commits first, however it would be really nice if travis could handle this a little more intelligently:

When receiving a commit with [ci skip] in the message, iterate through the parent commits until you reach a) a commit that has already been built, in which case go ahead and ignore the build or b) a commit without [ci skip] that has not been built yet, in which case build it.


I had this same problem with dvyjones/urk yesterday.

I'm not sure if the github web hook pushes all of the pushed commits, or only the last one. If it pushes all of them, this should be a pretty trivial change.

@henrikhodne henrikhodne was assigned

This should be fixed with travis-ci/travis-core#61.


Closing this for now, tracking the issue in travis-ci/travis-core#61 instead.

@henrikhodne henrikhodne referenced this issue in travis-ci/travis-core

Use the last non-skipped commit from GitHub #140

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