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Stuck worker #618

certik opened this Issue · 4 comments

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This worker seems to get stuck:!/sympy/sympy/jobs/1704368, the current output is:

1 Using worker:
3 $ cd ~/builds
4 $ git clone --depth=100 --quiet git:// sympy/sympy
5 $ cd sympy/sympy

and the time is 11 hrs 57 min 55 sec. Due to this, all testing of the sympy/sympy repository stopped.


This happens from time to time due to various reasons. Just trigger a new build and that's it.


Thanks! Did you have to kill it manually?


It probably wasn't actually hanging. Occassionally the messages with log info and build statuses from the workers get dropped, and then the build appears to hang. We have a timeout in place that will kill the build if it goes on for too long.


Sadly @dvyjones VMs are stalling allllll over the show, so the build was hanging but it wasn't the builds fault. Finding the underlying issue is hard and time consuming but we are trying :/

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