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Add a rebuild button #674

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Michael Grosser Michael Klishin Damien Mathieu Mathias Meyer Nathan Broadbent Josh Kalderimis Roman Shtylman Piotr Sarnacki Henrik Hodne
Michael Grosser

Sometimes builds fail for same weird reason, hitting rebuild would be nice, instead of having to go to github - admin - hooks - travis - fire test hook

Michael Klishin

It will probably be too much work at the moment with very little improvement over the Test Hook button.

Michael Grosser

making a link_to with proper params is a lot of work oO
already know a few people that rather push a new commit / do not know the test hook button exists

Michael Klishin

@grosser it is not about adding a link. It is about adding authorization across 4-5 applications. The amount of effort is disproportional to the benefit.

Michael Grosser

ah yes, auth can be tricky :)

As an alternative it could be linked like:

"Rebuild" -> inline message or popup:
Go here( + click travis + click "test hook"

it would only save 1 click but would show people who do not know the test-hook feature how to do it

Damien Mathieu

This solution, while interesting at first thought would open a lot more of problems.
Only repository admins can access the webhooks github interface. But anybody could want to use this feature.

Mathias Meyer

It's a very reasonable feature to ask for, we've actually been talking about it for a while, and while we need to make sure that permissions are appropriately checked, we do have all the data (the GitHub payload) around to kick off a new build. It is bound to be supported soon :)

Nathan Broadbent

I'd like to reopen this, since I'd also find a 'rebuild' button to be useful. For example, the VM just crashed during one of my builds, and a button would be more convenient than going all the way to the github -> admin -> service hooks page.

I'm going to work on adding this button, authenticating via your Travis session if you've logged in via GitHub.

Nathan Broadbent

Heh, well, I've managed to add a 'Rebuild now' button that only shows if the repo belongs to the user, or one of the user's organizations: ndbroadbent/travis-ember@d635fff

That's about as far as I could get on my own, this is a tough codebase to dive into! Closing for now, sorry for the spam

Josh Kalderimis

Hey @ndbroadbent,

Your comments are not spam :)

@rkh actually has this on his list and has some ideas about how it can be achieved. It won't be added to the old client ( but instead to the new api and client ( and

We hope to add this soon and blog about it once it is ready :)

Reopening the issue.


Josh Kalderimis joshk reopened this
Roman Shtylman

Not sure what the status of this is, but I would like to say that such a feature would be useful. I contribute to a number of projects which I am not the admin for (but do have commit rights). The build sometimes fails due to a timeout or other issue. Given that many users put the travis badges on their readme files it looks quite bad to have a failing tests badge and not being able to request a rerun.

Piotr Sarnacki

@shtylman it's available already on, we will replace with next version soon (it just needs some polishing and optimizations), please read more at:

Roman Shtylman

@drogus is that only shown to repo owners? I don't see the requeue build option like the blog post indicates (maybe I am not looking hard enough).

Piotr Sarnacki

@shtylman check if you're logged in, we don't have single sign on yet on those 2 sites. You should see rebuild button even if you're not an owner

Roman Shtylman

@drogus that did the trick. Awesome! Props on the new interface :)

Henrik Hodne

Closing this since it's available on the new interface.

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