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Updating your locale land on a custom 404 page and doesn't update #690

debo opened this Issue · 7 comments

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When navigating to your personal profile management section and clicking on the profile tab the user is presented with the ability to choose a preferred locale from a list.
Clicking on the update button after choosing any of the available language the user is redirected to a custom 404 page and no actual changes to the user locale is performed.


I can reproduce this issue too. Looks like the Rails 404 'does not exist' page.


It's indeed a bug and we have a fix waiting to be merged: #680


I see that the fix has been merged already. How long does it generally take from the merge to the deployment?


We don't have an exact time frame there. We'll roll it out soon-ish :)


No problem, I was just wondering... I thought the deployment was quite immediate, in which case the issue was still there. As I said in the irc channel the other night, it's not a blocking issue, not for me at least... thanks for the great work you are doing guys.


Closing this as the Travis CI infrastructure has changed a lot since this was reported, and it appears to be fixed. Let me know if this is not the case.


Thanks @henrikhodne I can confirm that the issue has been fixed.

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