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Travis tried to build my Python project with Rake #933

ajdavis opened this Issue · 6 comments

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My project has a .travis.yml with language "python", script "python test," and in all other ways is clearly a Python project, yet Travis tried to build it with Ruby and Rake:

Obviously, the build failed with "No Rakefile found". Travis also ran a single build, ignoring the four Python versions listed.


Sounds like Travis either couldn't get the .travis.yml file or there was a parse error. The file looks good to me, though.


Thanks, is there any way to get more debug info out of Travis, e.g. to see if it couldn't parse my YML file?


A later build properly used Python:

The erroneous Ruby build coincided with a brief GitHub outage, I believe -- my own Jenkins server timed out trying to clone some GitHub repos around the same time. So I speculate that the Travis worker was scheduled to clone my repo, failed, and responded not by aborting the build, but by assuming that since there was no .travis.yml available it should default to using Rake?


Would anyone be interested in reviving #414, #902, #778 (don't build without a .travis.yml, at least projects that had one previously)?


Closing for now as we have added warnings when you don't have a .travis.yml present. We are continuing to look into this issue but are not able to change it in the short term as we also need to make sure warnings and notifications are in place for when you try to build a repo and are not sure why it isn't building.

Thanks for creating the issue.

@joshk joshk closed this
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