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Travis cookbooks!

Travis cookbooks are collections of Chef cookbooks used with Chef for setting up Linux VMs for running tests and Travis internal machines.

The wrapper cookbooks that compose together the cookbooks found here live over in the Travis CI Infrastructure Packer Templates repository.

Developing Cookbooks

Directory structure

There are two cookbook path directories in this repository:

  • cookbooks authored by Travis CI
  • community-cookbooks vendored community stuff


There is no Gemfile for specifying Chef dependencies. Please install the ChefDK.


The script that's run on Travis is ./runtests, which by default runs on the ./cookbooks directory. Example usage:



There are two long-lived branches:

  • master per tradition, which is compatible with Ubuntu 14.04
  • precise-stable, which is compatible with Ubuntu 12.04

Please target your patches accordingly.


See the LICENSE files.

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