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Travis cookbooks are collections of Chef cookbooks for setting up
- * VMs (CI environment)
+ * VMs for running tests (CI environment)
* Travis worker machine (host OS)
* Anything else we may need to set up (for example, messaging broker nodes)
@@ -15,8 +15,9 @@ It is called [travis-boxes](
## Developing Cookbooks
-Cookbooks are developed using Vagrant with either [travis-boxes]( or [Sous Chef](
-See those projects for more detailed instructions.
+Cookbooks are developed using Vagrant with [Sous Chef]( and packaged for
+production using [travis-boxes](
+See those projects for more information.
Please note that from December 2011 and going forward, *Chef cookbooks must be Ruby 1.9.2-compatible* because we switched to Ruby 1.9.2 for running Chef
during provisioning.

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