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Disable unused recipe 'collectd_web'

This is a workaround to avoid Chef11 to raise a CookbookNotFound
exception (since no apache2 cookbook is available in travis-cookbooks
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1 parent e8816d6 commit 53da7dde222ff723bbafac92c2dbb672b3459b63 @gildegoma gildegoma committed Sep 2, 2013
@@ -10,7 +10,10 @@
recipe "collectd", "Installs collectd standalone"
recipe "collectd::client", "Installs collectd client"
recipe "collectd::server", "Installs collectd server"
-recipe "collectd::collectd_web", "Installs collectd web interface"
+# recipe "collectd::collectd_web", "Installs collectd web interface",
+# 'collected_web' disabled as workaround to Chef11 CookbookNotFound exception
+# when provisioning without cookbook dependency management (Librarian/Berkshelf)
# Required for collectd_web recipe
-recommends "apache2"
+# depends "apache2"

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