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This cookbook will install sbt-extras, an alternative script for running sbt (scala build tool). sbt-extras works with sbt 0.7.x projects as well as 0.10+. If you're in an sbt project directory, the runner will figure out the versions of sbt and scala required by the project and download them if necessary.

The default recipe of this Chef cookbook will:

  • Download and install the sbt-extras script (e.g. from a github commit/branch/tag)
  • Optionally deploy some system-wide configuration files (typically in /etc/sbt/jvmopts and /etc/sbt/sbtopts)
  • Optionally trigger the installation of some sbt dependencies for specific users (see the user_setup attribute below)


  • Depends on opscode/java cookbook
  • Conflicts with typesafe-stack and chef-sbt cookbooks (since it is recommended to install only one sbt launcher on the same machine)


  • node['sbt-extras']['download_url'] - URL to obtain a specific version of sbt-extras script.
  • node['sbt-extras']['setup_dir'] - Target directory for installation (default: /usr/local/bin). Attention: this cookbook won't create setup_dir if does not exist yet (the idea is to force selection of a good location, most probably part of user PATH)
  • node['sbt-extras']['script_name'] - Name of the installed script (default: sbt).
  • node['sbt-extras']['owner'] - user owner of installed script (default: root)
  • node['sbt-extras']['group'] - group owner of installed script (default: root).
  • node['sbt-extras']['config_dir'] - Target directory for global configuration files (default: /etc/sbt). The default recipe can potentially install two templates in this directory if their filename attribute is not nil or empty ('')
    • node['sbt-extras']['jvmopts']['filename'] - default jvm arguments can be globally set in this file (default: jvmopts)
    • node['sbt-extras']['sbtopts']['filename'] - default sbt arguments can be globally set in this file (disabled by default)
  • node['sbt-extras']['user_setup']['<user_name>']['sbt'][<array of sbt versions>] and node['sbt-extras']['user_setup']['<user_name>']['scala'][<array of scala versions>] - (optional) sbt and scala boot dependencies will be preinstalled in ~/.sbt and ~/.ivy2 directories during chef provisioning. Examples:
node['sbt-extras']['user_setup']['scala_lover']['sbt'] = %w{ 0.13.0 0.12.4 0.11.3 }
node['sbt-extras']['user_setup']['scala_lover']['scala'] = %w{ 2.10.2 2.10.1 2.9.3 2.9.2 2.8.3 }

Installation and Usage

  • Find your favourite way (Berskhelf, Librarian-Chef, ...) to install this cookbook.
  • Include the sbt-extras::default recipe to your run list or inside your cookbook.
  • Provision!

Quality Assurance

Continous Integration

This Cookbook is being tasted by Travis CI: Build Status

Automated validations are following:

  • Static Analysis of Ruby code with tailor lint tool
  • Static Analysis of Chef Cookbooks with foodcritic lint tool
  • knife cookbook test in a very basic sandbox
  • Expectations described with RSpec examples with ChefSpec
  • Pending: Run true chef (matrix) on travis VM!

Development and Testing

During development, this cookbook is locally tested in following environments:

  • Development with recent versions of Chef-Solo (10.x or 11.x) and Ubuntu (with great help of Berkshelf, Vagrant, Virtualbox, Packer and their communities).
  • Integration with great help of Opscode test-kitchen

How to Contribute

Feel free to open issues, fork repo and send pull request (based on a custom branch, not master)!


  • Copyright:: 2013, Gilles Cornu

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

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