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Travis Core (or travis-core) contains shared code among different Travis CI applications.

See the README in lib/travis for more information on the structure of the repository.


Travis Core requires PostgreSQL 9.3 or higher, as well as a recent version of Redis and RabbitMQ.

Repository setup

  1. Clone the repository: git clone
  2. Install gem dependencies: cd travis-core; bundle install --binstubs --path=vendor/gems

Database setup

NB detail for how rake sets up the database can be found in the Rakefile. In the namespace :db block you will see the database name is configured using the environment variable RAILS_ENV. If you are using a different configuration you will have to make your own adjustments.

  1. bundle exec rake db:create
  2. for testing, you will need to run RAILS_ENV=test bundle exec rake db:create --trace

Running tests

To run the RSpec tests, first make sure PostgreSQL, Redis and RabbitMQ are running, then do:


Individual specs can be run with bin/rspec; e.g.,

bundle exec rspec spec/travis/model/job_spec.rb

Submitting patches

Please fork the repository and submit a pull request. For larger changes, please open a ticket on our main issue tracker first.