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### Running the app
-This is a static html/js app so you shouldn't need to install anything.
+In order to run the app you need to install dependencies with:
- git clone git://
- cd travis-web
- open public/index.html
+ bundle install
-Running against existing API endpoint:
+Then you have to run the server, the easiest way to do this is to
+use foreman:
- API_ENDPOINT="" RUN_API=0 bundle exec rackup
+ bundle exec foreman start
-Run locally, one on `` and one on ``:
+Now you can open [localhost:5000](http://localhost:5000)
- . dev.env
- bundle exec rackup
+By default it uses official API at ``, but you
+can set your own enpoint using:
+ API_ENDPOINT="http://localhost:300/" bundle exec foreman start
+This will run against API run locally.
### Compiling assets manually
bundle exec rakep
ENV=production bundle exec rakep
-### Compiling assets on change
- bundle exec guard

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