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[DEPRECATING] This project is deprecated in favor of travis-ci/worker
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About travis-worker Build Status

This is home for the next generation of Travis CI worker. It is a WIP and is still very rough around the edges for broader community of contributors to jump in.

Running the worker

Kill the worker and VBox processes

cd travis-worker/ && killall -9 -r java && sleep 3 && killall -9 -r VBox

Run the worker and sending stdout to log/worker.log (without wiping the old log):

nohup bin/thor travis:worker:boot >> log/worker.log 2>&1 &

Run the worker with the Jolokia JMX web agent

JAVA_OPTS=-javaagent:vendor/jolokia-1.0.5/jolokia-jvm-1.0.5-agent.jar=port=8088,host=localhost bin/thor travis:worker:boot

Run the worker with VisualVM support on a remote machine:

JRUBY_OPTS=" -J-Djava.rmi.server.hostname=" nohup bin/thor travis:worker:boot >> log/worker.log 2>&1 &

Running the Thor console

ruby -Ilib -rubygems lib/thor/console.rb

Getting started

Install Bundler:

gem install bundler

Pull down dependencies:

bundle install --deployment --binstubs

Running tests

On JRuby:

bundle exec rake test

Reporting Issues

Please report any issues on the central Travis CI issue tracker.

License & copyright information

See LICENSE file.

Copyright (c) 2011-2012 Travis CI development team.

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