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Looks like allow_failures can be restricted to a branch like this:

  • spec all classes in spec/doc
  • compare languages with travis-build
  • talk to Hiro about what's actually supported on osx
  • confirm the SafeYaml patch does not mess with AR deserialization
  • create a list of common mistakes (e.g. how to comment in yaml, don't nest hashes in arrays)

Dpl providers

according to dpl:

cloudcontrol has closed transifex is missing

Missing features?

  • how about making both language and dist matrix keys? i.e. multilanguage builds? should be trivial to add
  • after_install and after_error are not a thing in travis-build, but a lot of people are using them
  • people expect before_cache to work
  • super inconsistent across notification types notifications.irc.on_pull_requests: true
  • add cache node_modules, npm?

Can :edge be a Hash?

  provider: deis
    source: loicmahieu/dpl
    branch: fix/deis/remove-key

Also, what about these?

648168 [invalid_type] deploy.edge bool map
480020 [invalid_type] deploy.function_name str map
539889 [invalid_type] deploy.redeployment_hook str map
480020 [invalid_type] deploy.role str map
532148 [invalid_type] str map

Can :run be a Hash with Arrays?

  provider: heroku
    - rake db:migrate
    - rake cleanup
    - rake db:setup