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RosettaCode Data Project

This Git Repository contains of all the code samples available on, along with instructions and supplemental tools to help get them running on your local machine.


The primary goal of this project is to get the code samples into the most easily usable format, so that more programmers are exposed to them and actually run them.

  • Extract all (or most) of the code samples from RosettaCode.
  • Give proper reference to their sources and authors.
  • Provide automation for installing languages on common OSes.
  • Provide automation for running the code samples. (Testing)

If the primary goals are successful, consider pushing code back to the wiki from the Git repository. This could make it easier for people to contribute content via Pull Requests and such.


The mirroring of is being performed by this program:

The tool accesses the RosettaCode wiki via the MediaWiki REST API, using the CPAN module: MediaWiki::Bot.

License Info

This repository uses an Open Source tool (see above) to copy samples directly from Each directory contains a link back to its source page. Please refer to for the licensing of all source code examples.

Related Projects

Andrew Cole is building an interactive RosettaCodeExplorer web utility for playing around with the code samples:

About the Author and Project

Ingy döt Net is an Acmeist ( hacker who likes programming his ideas equivalently in multiple Open Source languages. His works are available at

Ingy has been communicating with Mike Mol, the proprietor of RosettaCode, regarding this project.


RosettaCode Data Project



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