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Lousy - Test Run Integration with Bug Trackers

Lousy is a test runner built upon the Python unittest module which provides
integration between the test system and the project bug tracker. Lousy provides
this integration primarily through a system where the test logs are checked by a
list of regular expressions for the cause of the failure and matching bug. The
bug is updated when such a failure occurs.

The Lousy bug tracker can be found in the source and at

Test Organization

Lousy divides tests into four categories of tests:
- unit
- component
- slow
- constrained

Unit tests are fine grained tests intended to test a single function, method or

Component tests are coarser tests intended to test entire subsystems or

Slow tests are a category to place tests which take a significant amount of time
to run. This might include fuzzing tests or tests which need slow preparations
before running.

Constrained tests are those tests which cannot be arbitrarily run in parallel.
This might be a test which consumes a large amount of memory, requires some
external hardware or have some other constraint which requires that only one or
a small number of such tests be run at once in any particular environment or