Automated Script for managing a game of mafia. The computer acts as the referee, making sure no one has to sit out from the game.
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pymafia is a django app to automate a game of "mafia"

COMMIT GUIDE: 100% code coverage using I specifically use it with nose tests.

Commit messages should be like doctests.  Single line or multi-line.  If single line, a short description for the first line, and then the detailed multi-line description afterwards.  Commit messages should be in the past tense.
Commit early, commit often.



<general python module1>
<general python module2>

<django module1>
<django module2>

<local module1>
<local module2>

alphabetize within each section

imports to the shortest names possible -1, using "as" only where appropriate
from a.b.c import d.e


import a.b.c.d.e as De

Long imports: use parenthesis, each on their own line
	from blank import (
			blank, blank, blank


<stuff before it>

class <SnakeCasedClassName>

<python code>

Model Metaclasses don't need docstrings, and should be one line after field definitions


"""Oneline docstring"""

<python code>


"""Small Description

Longer Description that
fits on multiple ilnes

<python <code>


parameters(a, b, c)
parameters(something=a, somethingelse=b)


variable = a + b
variable = (a + b) / 6


Where possible, alphabetize classes
Leave comments where impossible


Line for themselves
On the line preceding the code they comment
space between # and message

# message
<python code described by message>

Should explain why, not how in most cases
Any "heavy" lines can, and should, explain how (multi-nested paranthesis, chained function calls, etc.)

Tests 100% code coverage, using nosetests --with-coverage Seperate setup code from the assert statement one assert per test Factories, not fixtures Seperate each set of factory calls fact1 = Fact1() fact2 = Fact1()

fact3 = Fact2()

Pylint Use it, but not for automation. Until I find a good way to lint in django, I'm going to use pylint and mentally ignore many of the warnings/errors. Unfortunately, I don't know a way to ignore certain spots for certain rules (ex., we don't need docstrings for modules, but we do for classes). So use your best judgement.