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Currently Imagining something along the lines of:
	- Script to interface between Jabber and hellanzb
	- (clever-name).py: Script to publish RSS feed of files for client machines
	- (clever-name-client).py: Script to read the RSS feeds and pull down files

Primary Functionality:
 Should support a `q(ueue) nzbid` command which runs hellanzb to queue the nzbid, adds the download to a user's download queue(marked as unfinished), and IM's the people in the database for whom the report matches their interests.

Secondary Functionality:
* `s(tatus)` - prints out the status of current downloads
* `c(ancel) dlid` - cancels the download specified by download id.
* `b(andwidth report)` - prints out how much bandwidth has been used so far this month, from vnstat

Download Management:
* `add notice "regex"` - Adds a notice for this user for files/reports matching regex.
* `list notices` - lists all notices for this user.
* `del notice id` - deletes a notice idenitified by id
* `pretend usr` - pretends to be usr for this session.

* 8ball
* urmom
* fortune
* trivia(multiuser)
* madlibs(multiuser)