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This is the project repository for the FIEA capstone game "Project Procedural" (working title). It is codenamed "Pastel".

The core idea behind this project is to take advantage of procedural generation to create a unique and compelling game experience. To keep the scope limited, the focus is on generation of dynamic meshes and sound effects.


  • Procedural Generation of graphics and audio using DirectX 11 and XAudio2
  • Reloading of gameplay code at runtime through DLL
  • RawInput supporting mouse, keyboard, and gamepad
  • Unity Build for faster and more optimized compilation


If you are interested in contributing to the project, contact me on Slack or in person!

Installation directions:


Visual Studio 2017 (Install the Game Development with C++ workload)

  1. Create an External Command for Hotloading Gameplay Code:

    • Open Tools->External Tools
    • Press Add
    • In the Title field, name it "Reload DLL" or whatever name suits you.
    • In the Command field, enter $(SolutionDir)Build\Reload.bat
    • In the Arguments tab, enter "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\VC\Auxiliary\Build\vcvarsall.bat" $(SolutionDir)Source\ $(TargetDir)
    • In the Initial Directory, enter $(SolutionDir)Build\
    • Check Use Output window, uncheck Prompt for arguments and Treat output as Unicode
    • Keep note of which number external command this is (mine is the 4th down the list, so External Command 4)
    • Press Apply, then OK
  2. Add the External Command to the menu

    • Right click on the menu bar (where File, Edit, etc. are)
    • Click Customize
    • Go to the Commands Tab
    • Click Add Command...
    • Scroll down and select the Tools category
    • Scroll down and select the External Command you created
    • You should see the name of your External Command on the menu bar next to File
    • You can press the Move Down and Move Up buttons to change the position of the command on the menu
  3. (Optional) Add a shortcut to the External Command

    • Open Tools->Options
    • Select Environment->Keyboard
    • In the show commands box, type Tools.ExternalCommand
    • Find your external command and click on it
    • Click in the box called Press shortcut keys
    • Enter your shortcut
    • Press assign, then OK