A simple fanout pubsub message server
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Fanout is meant to creat a simple pubsub server to handle sending messages and
receiving messages on different channels.


ping - replies with current timestamp on the server
info - replies with some basic info about the server
subcribe <channel>
unsubscribe <channel>
announce <channel> <message>

Each request sent to the server must end with a \n.  This means neither
<channel> nor <message> can contain a \n itself directly (of course all of
them can be encoded ie: base64).

<channel> must not contain the '!' character or spaces.
<message> can contain the '!' character

Each message announced on a channel will be sent out as:


ending with \n to all the subscribed clients.

2 special channels are automatically created and should not be used.

all - every client connected to the service is subscribed to this channel

debug - is used to send back messages to individual clients, for example
upon connection "debug!connected..." is sent to confirm connection.