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GNUwin32 instructions

Install git for windows from: Select 'use windows default console window' near the end of the install - this step may not be required

Download and install make for windows from:

Download and install python 2.7 from: In the C:\Python27 folder, make a copy of python.exe and name it python2.exe.

Add the following two lines to your path variable (Right-click Start button -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Environment Varables -> Select Path -> Edit): C:\Progra~1\GnuWin32\bin [use Progra~1 (Progra~2 if 64-bit Windows) and NOT Program Files otherwise make will fail] C:\Python27

Download and install gcc-arm-none-eabi from: At the end of the install, tick the 'add path to environment variable' box before clicking finish.

Reboot your PC

Download and extract PyUSB from:
Open the extracted folder, hold shift and right click -> open command window here
Type: python install

Download and extract libusb-win32 from: Open the extracted folder and enter the bin folder Plug programming cable into USB port and radio. While holding top button & PTT, switch on radio, run inf-wizard.exe -> Next
select digital radio in USB mode -> Next -> Next
Save the .inf file
Click Install Now...

Run Git (from start menu)
Select 'Clone Existing Repository'

Source: Target: C:/Users//Documents/git/travisgoodspeed/md380tools

Once cloned: Find md380tools folder, right-click -> Git Bash Here

To build and flash experimental firmware (make sure radio in firmware download mode):

make clean flash

To flash user database (radio in normal mode):

make flashdb

Before running make flashdb, run the file {extracted location}\libusb-win32-bin-\bin\x86\testlibusb-win.exe after plugging in and switching on the radio. This needs to be done every time you wish to flash the user database, otherwise the SPI flash ID will be wrong.