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Download Firmware

Travis Goodspeed edited this page Oct 4, 2016 · 3 revisions

Please read these instructions carefully, as a lot of people are confused by the different MD380 versions.

Two Versions

There are four versions of firmware for the MD380, but thanks to our patches, you only need to choose between two of them. D13.020 runs on devices without GPS hardware, while S13.020 runs on devices with GPS hardware. If you install the wrong one, you will get a blank white screen at startup.

Stable Builds

We are not yet making stable releases, but we expect to in the near future. They will be linked to from this page when they are ready.

Daily Builds

Because we frequently fix bugs, it's sometimes useful to run the latest build, even if you don't have a Linux machine to compile from source.

Daily builds of the firmware are available from PD0ZRY's website at . Non-GPS devices need a file without "S13.020" in the filename. firmware-20160913-220001-a4523e2a.bin, for example. GPS devices need a file with "S13.020" in the filename. firmware-S13.020-20160913-220001-a4523e2a.bin, for example.

Builds are also available at .