Provides a Library to allow you to create a dynamic menu
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As of versions >= 3.0.0 dynamic_menu has drastically changed. Menus are now in their own folder and can inherit routes from each other.



gem "dynamic_menu","~>3.0.0"


rails g dynamic_menu:install

Now your application's structure should be setup to allow the use of dynamic_menu.

Generating a menu

To generate the base class for your menu you can go to the console and type:

rails g dynamic_menu::menu controller:action

for example:

rails g dynamic_menu users::new

You will find your menus in app/menus. There you can add or change what you need. Use add to add a new link.

add link_to "Google",""

If you want to inherit from another menu within the same folder (same controller) use:

inherit_from "name-of-other-menu"  #put in the build_menu command.

Your view:

#Consider putting this in your layout to make it easier!
<% get_current_menu.get_menu_links.each do |link| %>
    <li><%= link %></li>