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A Bitcoin miner written in the Dart language.
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Dartminer - An example bitcoin mining package written in Dart.

This is an example application of how to build a Bitcoin mining application using the Dart language. This library is really for reference only and is not intended for live use within a bitcoin mining system. In fact, it doesn't actually publish the solution to the solved blockchain if it finds one, but rather just prints out that it found one. I also recommend only using this application using the TestNet within Bitcoin so that you do not risk of hitting the live network with sample code.

On my machine, I was able to hit hash rate of about 500kH/s, which turns out to be about a 15x speed improvement on a JavaScript implementation... While this is impressive, here's hoping that the Dash VM improves in performance with future releases.


Below is the steps necessary to get this to work.

import 'package:dartminer/dartminer.dart';

 // Our main entry point.
void main() {  

  // Create a bitcoin client with the proper configuration.  
  Bitcoin bitcoin = new Bitcoin({
    "scheme": "http",
    "host": "",
    "port": 18332,
    "user": "bitcoinrpc",
    "pass": "123123123123"

  // Get work from the bitcoind.
  bitcoin.getwork().then((Map<String, String> work) {

    // Work.

    // Create the miner.
    Miner miner = new Miner.fromJSON(work);

    // Mine for gold!
    Map<String, String> result = miner.mine();

    // If the result isn't null, then
    if (result != null) {
      bitcoin.getwork(params: [result['data']]);


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