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The PHP Toolbox is a convenient way to execute and manage your PHP scripts.
Here is how it works...
1.) Place your PHP script within the scripts directory.
2.) Then double click the "" for Mac or Linux or "run.bat" for Windows.
3.) Pick your script you wish to run and press ENTER!
It is really that easy.
This toolbox requires that you have PHP installed. For Mac and Linux users this should not
be an issue since PHP is usually already installed at "usr/bin/php". If you do not have PHP
located at that location, then this script requires that the PHP binary be located at
1.) Check out the repository within any directory on any drive.
2.) Download the latest Windows binary at
3.) Unzip this binary within the same drive as your scripts, but within a "php" folder. For
example, if you download the scripts toolbox within your "My Documents" folder on the C:
drive, then you will need to download the PHP executable so that it is located at
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