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Needs a cool logo #2

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I promise to make a proper website when I come up with a logo


I'd like to propose the small greek letter Tau as the official logo of Taffybar:

  1. it's extremely easy to draw, widely known and obtainable from everywhere (even as Unicode U+03C4),
  2. it can be easily identified both as the greek letter and as the first letter in the name of the project,
  3. it can be related to Lambda, at least as belonging to the same alphabet,
  4. it can't possibly be copyrighted,
  5. it looks really cool.

I'm not a graphic artist, but I've attached some rudimentary samples I've been playing with today, just to check how it could possibly look like. Have a look and let me know what do you think.



Wow, issue #2.

I like it. I'll include it in some actual documentation with the next release. I'm looking to find time to implement one more feature before a big release, hopefully in the next month or two.

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