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Calendar doesn't respect color scheme nor gtk-engine #3

ghost opened this Issue · 3 comments

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First of all, thanks you for taffybar... it's just what i was looking for and it's great :D

The calendar doesn't seem to respect colors of the gtk theme nor the engine rendering, the calendar just looks like the default engine/colors. I tried to workaround this using the taffybar.rc with no results.

As a request, some option to add margins (right and left) cause i think the first and last characters are too close to the edge of the screen.Maybe adding something like pangoColor for the pp :D.

And for documentation purposes add a xmonad.hs example and add how to change the taffybar font maybe good idea.

Best regards Claudio J. Nervi .P

P.D.: using taffybar 0.1.3 from cabal in slackware64 13.37
P.D.2: sorry my bad English, I'm a Spanish speaker


fwiw, I couldn't figure out how to get taffybar to source the gtk theme properly either. I still am not sure, but I know it's possible to override the taffybar defaults to match the current gtk theme.

in your XDG config directory (probably $HOME/.config) make sure you have a taffybar directory (of course you do since that is where your taffybar.hs file is). You can stick taffybar.rc there and add any gtk values to is (fonts, colors, theme values).

I'm sure there is a better way to do this, but this works for me as a stop gap.

Also, editing that taffybar.rc file while taffybar is running won't update taffybar immediately, but running a GTK theme selector such as lxappearance and making/saving changes triggers a visual update in taffybar. Again, there is probably a better way...


The way it is currently set up taffybar actually ignores your gtk theme when settings its own colors. It should still respect your gtk theme for standard widgets (if you happen to add buttons or the pop-up calendar widget).

Would having an option for the rest of the bar to follow the gtk theme be useful to you?

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