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Commits on Feb 19, 2015
  1. v2.3.0

  2. Update CHANGES

  3. fix flake8 warning

Commits on Feb 10, 2015
  1. Merge pull request #50 from SemanticsOS/lambdafu/namepostfixpartsfix

    Fix name_postfix_parts config option.
  2. Marcus Brinkmann
Commits on Jan 30, 2015
  1. remove whitespace at eof

  2. add pypy3 to travis

Commits on Sep 2, 2014
  1. Merge pull request #48 from dimrozakis/multiprocess_collectd

    Multiprocess collectd
Commits on Aug 26, 2014
  1. Dimitris Rozakis

    Handle signals more gracefully

    dimrozakis authored
    Handle KeyboardInterrupt more gracefully in general.
    Make CollectDServerMP gracefully handle SIGTERM so that the
    worker subprocesses also die properly and don't become orphaned.
  2. Dimitris Rozakis
  3. Dimitris Rozakis

    Create separate class for singe/multiproc collectd

    dimrozakis authored
    - Wrap all collectd functionality in CollectDHandler.
    - Add a distinct CollectDServer single processed class.
    - Add a CollectDWorker that plugs a CollectDHandler between a pipe
    and a queue.
    - Add a CollectDServerMP class that starts workers and routes
      incoming packets based on source IP address.
    - Add a getCollectDServer helper function to get the appropriate
      server class based on number of configured workers.
  4. Dimitris Rozakis

    Merge branch 'master' into multiprocess_collectd

    dimrozakis authored
  5. Merge branch 'collectd_counter_eq_derive' of…

    …cky into dimrozakis-collectd_counter_eq_derive
  6. fix test names

  7. remove osx specific timeout

Commits on Aug 25, 2014
  1. Dimitris Rozakis

    First draft of multiprocess collectd

    dimrozakis authored
    Collectd starts a configurable number of worker processes
    and routes incoming data to workers based on source ip.
Commits on Aug 23, 2014
  1. Dimitris Rozakis
  2. Dimitris Rozakis

    Add conf option to ignore counter/derive conflicts

    dimrozakis authored
    in collectd, False by default.
  3. Dimitris Rozakis

    Handle collectd counter/derive conflict

    dimrozakis authored
    If a collectd metric is received with a value of type counter when
    our types.db define it as derive, or vice versa, don't raise an
    exception and assume the server's types.db is correct.
    Types counter and derive are very similar. Also, it's common
    for different versions/installations of collectd in 'clients'
    to have a bit different definitions for the same metrics
    (counter/derive conflict). This commit makes bucky's collectd
    server handle such cases gracefully by assuming the server's
    types.db is correct in case of conflict.
  4. add pypy

Commits on Aug 22, 2014
  1. add support for sentry

  2. do not make bucky exit when carbon daemon is down, but eventually dro…

    …p data on the floor and lower the default timeout values
  3. removed unused import

  4. encode both path and src_path to make sure we are comparing the same …

    …type in python3 also have observer process join with default process_join_timeout
  5. execute each test suite in its own nosetests command which seems to b…

    …e a workaround against the problems we are having with python3 and the tests
Commits on Aug 21, 2014
  1. Merge pull request #43 from dimrozakis/misc.2.2.2

    Several minor fixes and changes
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