The source code from imglnx version 2.x.
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NOTICE: Django 1.11.2 is vulnerable now so don't run this in production unless you update it.

imglnx was once a privacy focused image sharing website and this is the version 2.x source code ("src") that's written in Python using Django.

The project isn't maintained anymore, but you're more than welcome to continue the development either on a fork etc or you can submit a PR here and I'll probably accept it.

imglnx consisted of 17462 images uploaded by 158 users so thank all of you users for making imglnx a wonderful project to have been apart of.

imglnx changed ownership from me @trdwll to a trusted friend on November 20, 2018. It's currently unknown if that friend will revive the project. (I keep pestering that friend to revive imglnx so who knows what will happen in the future)

Why release the src?

Honestly, this was the first project I made with Django and I'm honestly very proud of the project as a whole (but not the messy src). I was also asked on numerous occasions over the years by someone to release the src and I finally decided to. I didn't release the src during the production of imglnx due to lack of knowledge in Django and I didn't want to be bashed for my methods etc. :( However, that brings me to a couple points.

There are some issues with the project:

  1. Messy code
  2. A potential vulnerability ("vuln", "vulns") with the exif stripping (...)
  3. Possibly some other vulns in the project that I'm unaware of (I haven't looked at the src since the project was in production)

I've redacted some credentials from the project as a precaution.

What now?

Since I've now released the src all I ask is don't be a scumbag and steal my work. If you build off of it send me a link to it or better yet buy me a pizza (url auto fills to $15, but you can change the amount) and still send me a link. At the end of the day I know people will probably steal the project and claim it as their own by removing my name, but whatever. Any donations that I receive will be much appreciated.

The project is licensed under BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License. This license allows you to make money etc, but you have to keep my copyright notice intact. tl;dr go read the license, because I'm not an attorney

You can also see that my TODO.txt file is in the repo, which has well... things that I needed to work on or that I had planned for future releases.