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Before deploying you need to do some things to the files/ file.

  • Set a SECRET_KEY
  • Set your domain in MY_HOST_DOMAIN (this is used for the templates and the JsonResponse)
  • Set a MAX_FILES_SIZE default: 1GB
  • Set a MAX_PASTES_SIZE default: 20MB

Update/change the FAQ page under templates/faq.html to reflect your site etc.

You're also going to need to setup a cronjob to delete the files after 24 hours.

  • Create a cronjob to run hourly with the command as find /path/to/uploads -type f -mmin +1440 -delete

Changelog (kinda)

Sept 21, 2017

  • update Bulma to 0.5.3
  • HTTP Error Pages
  • Commented some code

Sept 3, 2017

  • CSP stuff
  • Pastes

Aug 12, 2017

  • cleanup more code
  • when uploading the button does a spinner and a progressbar appears to show you're uploading
  • update Bulma to 0.5.1