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1.0 should be newer than 1.0-SNAPSHOT
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ci td_load/embulk: allow secrets in config Jan 13, 2017
config unit tests use PostgreSQL if DIGDAG_TEST_POSTGRESQL is set Mar 25, 2016
digdag-cli print local secret sets/deletes Jan 18, 2017
digdag-client version: 1.0 should be newer than 1.0-SNAPSHOT Jan 20, 2017
digdag-core Merge pull request #322 from treasure-data/dano/move-archiving-to-server Jan 17, 2017
digdag-docs Merge pull request #454 from treasure-data/dano/config-home-local-sec… Jan 19, 2017
digdag-guice-rs-server-undertow correctly handle OPTIONS and TRACE requests Nov 15, 2016
digdag-guice-rs-server remove unnecessary import Nov 9, 2016
digdag-guice-rs servlet name must be unique to bind multiple apps Dec 6, 2016
digdag-plugin-utils validate user secret templates Jan 18, 2017
digdag-server fixed typos Jan 18, 2017
digdag-spi remove more dead secret access limit code Jan 16, 2017
digdag-standards clean up td_run test Jan 18, 2017
digdag-storage-s3 the latest version of minio stopped supporting empty files Jan 19, 2017
digdag-tests Merge pull request #454 from treasure-data/dano/config-home-local-sec… Jan 19, 2017
digdag-ui Merge pull request #464 from treasure-data/dano/ui-run-button Jan 20, 2017
docker fix version of sphinx to 1.4.9 to fix search Jan 19, 2017
examples emr: download files to working directory Dec 6, 2016
gradle/wrapper Upgrade gradle to 3.2.1 Dec 6, 2016
.gitignore http_proxy env var support Aug 17, 2016
.travis.yml ci: update build image Jan 19, 2017
LICENSE Apply Apache License, Version 2.0 Jun 8, 2016
NOTICE Bundle Moment.js Sep 27, 2016 Merge pull request #346 from treasure-data/bintray Oct 25, 2016
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settings.gradle Include Digdag UI in the jar package Dec 6, 2016


Circle CI

Travis CI


Please check for installation & user manual.


Running tests

$ ./gradlew check

Test coverage report is generated at didgag-*/build/reports/jacoco/test/html/index.html. Findbugs report is generated at digdag-*/build/reports/findbugs/main.html.

Testing with PostgreSQL

Test uses in-memory H2 database by default. To use PostgreSQL, set following environment variables:

$ export DIGDAG_TEST_POSTGRESQL="$(cat config/"

Releasing a new version

You need to set Bintray user name and API key in BINTRAY_USER and BINTRAY_KEY environment variables.

  1. run ./gradlew setVersion -Pto=<version> command.
  2. write release notes to releases/release-<version>.rst file. It must include at least version (the first line) and release date (the last line).
  3. run ./gradlew clean cli check releaseCheck.
  4. if it succeeded, run ./gradlew release.

If major version is incremented, also update version = and release = at digdag-docs/src/

Releasing a SNAPSHOT version

./gradlew releaseSnapshot

Building digdag-ui

$ cd digdag-ui/
$ npm install
$ npm run dev    # starts dev server on http://localhost:9000/
$ npm run build  # build files on public/

Updating documents

Documents are in digdag-docs/src directory. They're built using Sphinx.

Website is hosted on using Github Pages. Pages are built using deployment step of circle.yml and automatically pushed to gh-pages branch of digdag-docs repository.

To build the pages and check them locally, run following command:

$ ./gradlew site

This might not always update all necessary files (Sphinx doesn't manage update dependencies well). In this case, run ./gradlew clean first.

It buids index.html at digdag-docs/build/html/index.html.