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LDA-board is a topic model visualization UI using LDA.


LDA-board was designed to easily analyze data on Treasure Data.


  • Manage workflow executions
  • Run your digdag workflow with session params
  • Visualize clusters in two-dimensional space
  • Filter topic by terms
  • Retrieve docids/userid in the specified topic
  • Display Additional contents column for each document/user

Quick start

$ git clone
$ cd lda-board
$ docker-compose build
$ docker-compose up
$ open http://localhost:3000/sign_in 

Please run rails db:setup and rails assets:precompile as ad hoc task.

$ docker-compose run web bundle exec rails db:setup
$ docker-compose run web bundle exec rails assets:precompile

LDA Workflow

Sample workflows are available on

Deploy using Docker

Lda-board can be deploy using Docker. Some environment variables are available for connecting an external PostgreSQL instance (e.g. Official Docker images, Amazon RDS).

docker build -t lda-board:latest .
docker run -d -p 8080:8080 --name lda-board-web -e LDA_BOARD_DATABASE_DBNAME=... -e LDA_BOARD_DATABASE_HOST=... -e LDA_BOARD_DATABASE_PASSWORD=... -e LDA_BOARD_DATABASE_USERNAME=... lda-board:latest sh -c "bundle exec rails db:migrate && bundle exec rake assets:precompile && bundle exec rails s -p 8080 -b"



$ git clone
$ cd lda-board
$ bundle install
$ yarn install
$ rake db:setup


  1. docker-compose up postgresql
  2. rails server
  3. ./bin/webpack-dev-server

Open http://localhost:3000/sign_in