Presto client library for Ruby
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Presto client library for Ruby

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Presto is a distributed SQL query engine for big data:

This is a client library for Ruby to run queries on Presto.


require 'presto-client'

# create a client object:
client =
  server: "localhost:8880",   # required option
  ssl: {verify: false},
  catalog: "native",
  schema: "default",
  user: "frsyuki",
  password: "********",
  time_zone: "US/Pacific",
  language: "English",
  properties: {
    "hive.force_local_scheduling": true,
    "raptor.reader_stream_buffer_size": "32MB"
  http_proxy: "",
  http_debug: true,

# run a query and get results as an array of arrays:
columns, rows ="select * from sys.node")
rows.each {|row|
  p row  # row is an array

# run a query and get results as an array of hashes:
results = client.run_with_names("select alpha, 1 AS beta from tablename")
results.each {|row|
  p row['alpha']   # access by name
  p row['beta']
  p row.values[0]  # access by index
  p row.values[1]

# run a query and fetch results streamingly:
client.query("select * from sys.node") do |q|
  # get columns:
  q.columns.each {|column|
    puts "column: #{}.#{column.type}"

  # get query results. it feeds more rows until
  # query execution finishes:
  q.each_row {|row|
    p row  # row is an array

# killing a query
query = client.query("select * from sys.node")
query_id = query.query_info.query_id
query.each_row {|row| ... }  # when a thread is processing the query,
client.kill(query_id)  # another thread / process can kill the query.

Build models

$ bundle exec rake modelgen:latest


  • server sets address (and port) of a Presto coordinator server.
  • ssl enables https.
    • Setting true enables SSL and verifies server certificate using system's built-in certificates.
    • Setting {verify: false} enables SSL but doesn't verify server certificate.
    • Setting a Hash object enables SSL and verify server certificate with options:
      • ca_file: path of a CA certification file in PEM format
      • ca_path: path of a CA certification directory containing certifications in PEM format
      • cert_store: a OpenSSL::X509::Store object used for verification
      • client_cert: a OpenSSL::X509::Certificate object as client certificate
      • client_key: a OpenSSL::PKey::RSA or OpenSSL::PKey::DSA object used for client certificate
  • catalog sets catalog (connector) name of Presto such as hive-cdh4, hive-hadoop1, etc.
  • schema sets default schema name of Presto. You need to use qualified name like FROM myschema.table1 to use non-default schemas.
  • source sets source name to connect to a Presto. This name is shown on Presto web interface.
  • client_info sets client info to queries. It can be a string to pass a raw string, or an object that can be encoded to JSON.
  • client_tags sets client tags to queries. It needs to be an array of strings. The tags are shown on web interface.
  • user sets user name to connect to a Presto.
  • password sets a password to connect to Presto using basic auth.
  • time_zone sets time zone of queries. Time zone affects some functions such as format_datetime.
  • language sets language of queries. Language affects some functions such as format_datetime.
  • properties set session properties. Session properties affect internal behavior such as hive.force_local_scheduling: true, raptor.reader_stream_buffer_size: "32MB", etc.
  • http_headers sets custom HTTP headers. It must be a Hash of string to string.
  • http_proxy sets host:port of a HTTP proxy server.
  • http_debug enables debug message to STDOUT for each HTTP requests.
  • http_open_timeout sets timeout in seconds to open new HTTP connection.
  • http_timeout sets timeout in seconds to read data from a server.
  • model_version set the presto version to which a job is submitted. Supported versions are 0.205, 0.178, 0.173, 0.153 and 0.149. Default is 0.205.

See RDoc for the full documentation.


Releasing a new version

  1. Update lib/presto/client/version.rb
  2. Update ChangeLog
  3. git commit -am "vX.Y.Z"
  4. git tag "vX.Y.Z"
  5. git push --tags