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This repository is for td-agent 1. If you want to check td-agent 2 or later, please see omnibus-td-agent repository. Don't send a patch and open an issue on this repository.


The event collector daemon, for Treasure Data. This daemon collects various types of logs/events via various way, and transfer them to the cloud. For more about Treasure Data, see the homepage, and the documentation.

td-agent is open sourced as fluentd project. In other words, td-agent is a distribution package of fluentd.


  • openssl
  • pbuilder


This script will create the debian environments by pbuilder-dist.



For the first time, you need to prepare chroot environments for each distribution. This takes a time.

$ ./

Then, execute

$ ./


$ ./

If you use specific revision of fluentd...

$ ./ e20137ce1f92c4e364d304969f56bf41e713ee07

Install and Setup

Please refer the document (


td-agent consists of the following components, and packaged as rpm/deb.

td-agent depends on those packages.

  • openssl, readline, libxslt, libxml2
  • td-libyaml (rpm) or libyaml (deb)


Released under the Apache2 license.