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Job Monitoring

This workflow retrieves the detail of jobs in status queued and running every 5 minutes. Then, store the result into TD. It helps you to understand workloads and job performance.


Create a destination table if you haven't yet.

you can change DB and Table as you want

$ td db:create monitoring
$ td table:create monitoring td_job_queue

Push the code and set environment variables

All of four variables are required.

$ td wf push job-monitoring
$ td wf secrets --project job-monitoring --set td.apikey td.endpoint td.database td.table
Variable Description Example
td.apikey An API key to be used in the script. Access Type must be Master Key. 1234/abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890
td.endpoint TD's API endpoint starting with https://.
td.database A database name which contains the destination table. monitoring
td.table A table name you want to store the result into. td_job_queue
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