Clojure with Clams. A framework for web apps.
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Clams is a web application framework for Clojure. Clams builds on top of Ring with the aim of providing a complete, "batteries included" package for web development. Structurally, it is a collection of Clojure libraries with glue code to handle routing, controllers, configuration, and HTTP startup.

Note: This is very early software and should be considered unstable. Caveat fabricator.


Add the following dependency to your project.clj file:

Clojars Project

Getting Started

A Clams app is a standalone program. One that has its own project.clj and -main entry point.

The most straightforward way to create a Clams app is to use the provided generator. That will create a new runnable app that can be used as a template for development. It is also useful to review the minimal app that is generated to understand the Clams feature set.

To generate and run a Clams app:

git clone
cd clams-template
lein install
cd ..
lein new clams myapp --snapshot
cd myapp
lein run


Refer to the wiki for full documentation.


Jim Brusstar (@jimbru) and Chris Dean (@ctdean).

Copyright © 2014-present Standard Treasury.

Released under the terms of the MIT License.